Partners who work together via our Local Employability & Skills Partnership and the Dumfries & Galloway Total Access Point for employment recognise that people who are out of work also look to enter and re-enter the labour market at different stages. Some individuals need help to be job ready - support to develop regular activity and positive routines and to connect with others, help with training in the skills they need for work, or help to identify opportunities for work experience and volunteering. Others need help finding job vacancies or support matching their skills with an employer.
To reflect these different stages, the Scottish Government and partners have developed an “Employability Pipeline” to help organisations to identify and meet the different needs people have at different stages in their work journey. The employability pipeline concept provides a framework for the organisation and delivery of services to help support individuals across Dumfries & Galloway in their journey towards and progression in work.

Our directory of services has been designed with the employability pipeline concept and DGTAP has worked with partners to ensure we have sufficient services to support people on their employability journey.

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