The Employability Pipeline

The Scottish Government has worked with its partners to develop an “Employability Pipeline” for organisations to identify and then meet the different needs different people have at different stages in their journey into work. Whilst recognising that for individuals, the journey towards and into work is not a linear process, the pipeline concept provides a framework for the organisation and delivery of services to unemployed people in Dumfries & Galloway.

Stage 1 - Engagement & Referral
  • Introducing the idea of employment, changing attitudes and addressing perceptions
  • Eligible activities: Outreach activities, self-referral, identification and assessment of needs, development of personalised action plans
  • Client status: Not job ready

Stage 2 - Barrier removal
  • Providing information, encouragement and help to overcome barriers
  • Confidence building activities, Vocational rehabilitation, Careers Information Advice & Guidance  (CIAG), Financial Advice  & Support, Improving Health & Wellbeing
  • Client status: Not job ready

Stage 3 - Vocational activity
  • Employment preparation including confidence building and core skills
  • Employability skills development, Vocational Training, Work Experience, Volunteering, Self-employment and Enterprise Support
  • Client status: Job ready
Stage 4 - Supporting Job Entry
  • Supporting people into employment
  • CIAG, Employer Engagement, Job Search Support, Job Matching and brokering, Self-employment and Enterprise Support
  • Client status: Job ready
Stage 5 -In-work support
  • Job retention and progression, employer satisfaction and workforce productivity
  • CIAG, Supported Employment, Occupational Health & Wellbeing Support, Skills Development, Redundancy Support, Self-employment & Enterprise Support
  • Client status: In Work