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Let’s Get Sporty is a not for profit social enterprise based in Dumfries & Galloway. We provide young people with training, mentoring and employment opportunities through the delivery of sport & physical activity.
Our programme is very unique and individual to the person doing it. We can provide support for people looking to do various fields, not just sport. These can be things like marketing, admin, selling, events management and more. We provide the support for YOU and what YOU want to do.

Let’s Get Sporty firmly believes in providing opportunities for people to experience a diverse set or roles within sport. Once on the programme, the trainee will experience a variety of sectors within sport- sport coaching; administration; marketing; and other basic office duties.

Since 2012, Let’s Get Sporty has not only increased physical activity levels (ages 6 months-100+ years) but also reduced youth unemployment levels through the delivery of our ‘Trainee Programme’. We have supported over 180 young people into employment, with many of those going into jobs outwith sport (Armed Forces; Teaching; Catering; Hair Dressing; Retail; Joinery, Plumbing and more).

The Trainee Programme is a voluntary placement that allows young people to work towards an individualised work plan in line with the 4 E’s of Let’s Get Employed (Education, Employability, Experiences, Enterprising). For more information on our programme visit our page ‘Trainee Programme’.
Our diverse delivery of sport and physical activity targets Schools and Nurseries; Care Homes; Day Centres; Youth groups; Disability; Walking Groups; Holiday amps; Birthday Parties; Events;  Community classes and more. We deliver a wide range of sports and activities including Football, Basketball, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, Badminton, Netball, Athletics and more.

All of our sports sessions are designed to include the following:
• -Develops Self Confidence
• -Improves Listening and Communication Skills
• -Increases Social Interaction
• -Develops Technique in Sport Specific Skills
• -Fun, Engaging and Inclusive of All
• -Develops rules, roles and knowledge within sports
• -Improves Leadership skills
• -Develops Honesty and Respect for others
• -Safe environment to learn
• -Gives children tasters of different sports

Specific Covid 19 Support 

As you all know we deliver for all ages, community groups, Care homes, NHS, local authority and education. Most of our bookings have been cancelled due to coronavirus and we want to reassure customers that we are working hard to support the community as much as we can, as well as keeping LGS sustainable. 

In the mean time the following initiatives are running: 

  • Hire a Coach: We can deliver hire a coach service digitally to nurseries, care homes and families. we have successfully delivered session at Jaybees nursery and have been in contact with care homes to deliver session.
  • Let's Get Employed: I will deliver employability services through phone calls, text, email and video calls to anybody that needs support with employability skills. We can deliver training in Health & Safety, Customer Service, Child Protection, Digital skills, Interview and CV Prep. This service is not just for young people, we will now deliver to all ages.
  • Let's Get Sporty - Once or Twice a week we will deliver live videos of staff delivering sport sessions for families that they can deliver in the house. This will be for all ages to work on balance, coordination, strength, numeracy and social skills.
  • Let's Get a Toy - I have many books and toys that are for babies and toddlers. I can drop off to local families to support with education and play. This service is for anybody that needs extra help, this is free of charge.
  • Let's Get Helping - We will be looking at one afternoon a week to support elderly with dropping shopping off or helping where we can. Free of charge