Vacancies for Long Term Unemployed 25+ Third Sector

There are 7 vacancies available for those who are Long Term Unemployed and over 25 in the below organisation:

  • Big Burns Supper 
  • Better Lives Partnership 
  • The Whithorn Trust
  • D&G Care Trust 
  • Loreburn Housing Association
  • D&G Multicultural Association
  • The Richmond Fellowship 

No-one Left Behind is a key Scottish Government initiative aimed at supporting the most disadvantaged people in Scotland to secure and sustain employment.   No One Left Behind is managed by the Scottish Government and local authorities.

This Intermediate Labour Market (ILM) programme is designed to support people aged 25+ who have been out of work for 12 months or more to re-join the workplace through a paid work placement. A range of opportunities have been created across the Public and Third sectors, with each placement featuring a blend of training and on-the-job learning.

The Dumfries & Galloway Local Employability Partnership have worked with Third Sector partners to create a range of paid work placements designed to support clients to build skills, experience, and confidence to pursue long term employment.

To find out more, please see the below downloads.